The Foam Guy College Foam Parties

Parties during the prime of your youth are remembered for a lifetime. From raves, dance parties, outdoor events or even house parties, it’s time to get out and seize the day!

With teen and college Foam Party’s from The Foam Guy, you can enjoy absolutely unforgettable events. We are pleased to host your next Sorority or Fraternity event, outdoor concert and so much more! Host a college party for your student body or have the ultimate Foam Party for your team. We provide numerous Foam Party options based off of your crowd size — guaranteed to be EPIC events for hundreds to thousands of attendees!

Light shows and sick beats are one thing, but throwing foam into the mix makes for something completely fresh and new. College Foam Party’s will give you and your friends an experience unlike anything else, one that they’ll never forget! Let The Foam Guy create crazy amounts of foam for your next dance and everyone who comes will leave believers in the awesome power of foam to liven up any dance party. Throw the college party of the ages with The Foam Guy!

Teen Foam Party

Foam Parties aren’t just for high schoolers! Whether it’s a student group or an epic VIP birthday bash, The Foam Guy can help make a safe, crazy, unforgettable party that you and your friends will never forget!

Trust The Foam Guy to provide hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-staining, nontoxic, water based solution for your next college event and avoid cleanup with our biodegradable solution! Contact us to learn more about our offerings and make your next college event or teen party foamy, wet and absolutely unforgettable! Expect the best from our Foam Parties! We’re not one of those ‘ankle deep’ Foam Party’s… we’re The Foam Guy and we do larger events for 100’s to 1,000’s of people!