Foam Party : The Foam Guy


The Foam Guy is your ONLY choice for a quality foam party that your friends, guests and students will be talking about for month's to come! The Foam Guy specializes in throwing EPIC parties for 100's to 1000's of people! With 30+ years combined experience, The Foam Guy can handle ANY Foam Party!


Foam Party WANNA GET… WET!

When leading clubs, universities & colleges want to have a fun and safe foam event, they call The Foam Guy. We travel from coast to coast, border to border and beyond, dropping tropical scented bubbles as we go. One of our greatest innovations is our ability to heat the foam. We are the home of hot foam!


Foam Party 411 – What to expect!

Expect to get WET! Depending on how into the party you are, is how wet you will get! Expect warm tropical scented foam to fall all over you and your friends while you dance. The Foam Guy uses a hypoallergenic foam bubble solution that will not harm your skin or eyes The Foam Bubbles are NOT slimy, just wet.


What to wear to a foam party!

WHAT TO WEAR!!??? It is a good question! Don’t wear wool. DO wear appropriate shoes! Leather and dry clean only fabric is probably a bad idea. If you have electronics, such as cell phones and cameras, and INSIST on having them on you, then a Ziplock baggie is a great idea! Any jewelry that you are worried about, leave at home.

Foam Party Events

  • - Teen Club Parties
  • - 16+ Dance Club Party
  • - Events for 100’s to 1000’s of people!
  • - College, Fraternity/Sorority Parties!
  • - Company Parties!
  • - Outdoor Events & Rallies!
  • - Black Light Party!
  • - Fairs
  • - Themed Events!
  • - All Ages Clubs!
  • - 21+ Dance Club party!