About the Foam Party Specialist: The Foam Guy

The Foam Guy is your ONLY choice for a quality Foam Party that your friends, guests or students will be talking about for months & years to come! The Foam Guy specializes in throwing EPIC parties for 100s to 1000s of people! With 30+ years combined experience, The Foam Guy can handle ANY Foam Party!

Foam Parties: Any Size. Any Where.

We handle everything from fair and outdoor events to corporate parties and private themed parties across the country! We’ve buried over a million people in bubbles over the years and the one thing that hasn’t changed is how much fun our guests have had at these parties! We don’t just bring the foam, we ensure that we create a safe environment where your guests can have fun, while reveling in our hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-staining, nontoxic, water based solution which is safe even on babies skin.

Epic Foamy Fun!

Whether it’s a college party, a night club event or an outdoor experience, we are sure that our foam can turn any regular party into something unforgettable for the whole crowd. Still not sure how? Check out our gallery to see for yourself.